Cosme Auto Service provides complete bumper to bumper service for your import or domestic vehicle in order to bring it to peak performance.


Today's vehicles have come a long way with very sophisticated electronics. Virtually all vehicle systems are computer monitored and controlled.  In order to properly diagnose, repair and maintain these vehicles, repair facilities must constantly update equipment and train technicians.  At Cosme Auto we pride ourselves at meeting the highest levels of a rapidly changing industry.


At Cosme Auto Service we provide complete factory maintenance schedules for all import and domestic vehicles.  Book your appointment today.

For optimum handling and control, Cosme Auto Service recommends fitment of four (4) tires of the same type and size unless otherwise specified by the vehicle manufacturer.


The easiest way to help ensure satisfactory mileage and performance from your Goodyear tires is to give them a simple, monthly inspection for proper inflation, even treadwear, and damage.

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